Retired K9 Blitz, Congratulations

Please join us in congratulating K9 Blitz on an amazing career and wishing him a happy retirement. Blitz will live out his retirement with his handler. We wish him the very best and, as always, we have your back! Stay healthy and enjoy all of your free time, buddy.

From Retired K9 Blitz’s handler: “Saturday July 1, 2023 at 1600 hours our dispatch team radioed a heartfelt thank you / happy retirement to my partner of 7-years as Blitz officially entered retirement. It was hard to hold it together as I responded with a quick “copy, thank you” because any more than that and I would have lost it. It’s very bittersweet……. I’m glad my partner made it to retirement healthy with lots of life left to enjoy as “just a family dog,” but the last two days working patrol in a quiet car looking over my shoulder, not seeing his face behind me, and knowing the one partner I had 1000% trust he would sacrifice everything for me is no longer there is hard. I’m looking forward to where the rest of my career takes me, but no matter how much longer I do this and no matter what I do in the future the last 7-years will hands down be the best of my career. I’m sure every handler thinks it, but he was one of a kind. The only working son of Sac PD’s K9 Bodie, numerous apprehensions, 100x’s the surrenders, narcotics finds, article finds, swat deployments, dispatcher’s favorite, 2021/2022 Western States K9 Trials Top Dog in Patrol and 5th in narcotics detection, he built a hell of a resume. I could never have imagined or wished for a better partner when this journey started. Thank you Randy and Valkyre for breeding K9 Bodie! Thank you Foothills K9 Association for all of your support!! Thank you Chris Oliver for the narcotics training (and the BIG cup! )! Thank you D-Tac K9 for the patrol / tactical training! It took a village to accomplish what we did and I’m grateful to everyone in that village!” — CHPD Officer Joe Davis