A New Four-Legged Officer in Town: Roseville PD Welcomes K9 Bordy

In the heart of Roseville, there’s a new hero with a nose for safety and a heart for service. Meet K9 Bordy, the latest addition to the Roseville Police Department’s K9 unit, whose arrival is met with widespread enthusiasm and anticipation. Bordy, whose keen eyes and alert demeanor can be seen in the attached image, is not just a testament to the department’s dedication to excellence but also to the community’s unwavering support.

K9 Bordy’s integration into the force marks a significant milestone for the department, promising to enhance their operational capabilities in crucial areas such as narcotics detection and public safety. With a badge on his collar and loyalty in his heart, Bordy stands ready to serve and protect.

Foothills K9 Association’s excitement mirrors that of the entire community. Their foundational support in Bordy’s training is a shining example of community-driven effort. The financial backing, fueled by generous donations from citizens, underscores the collective spirit of Roseville’s residents, who take pride in their contribution to Bordy’s journey from a promising trainee to a full-fledged police dog.

As Bordy and his human partner, Officer Bonner, commence their patrol, they carry with them the trust and well-wishes of those they vow to protect. It’s a partnership forged on the grounds of trust, training, and the shared goal of making Roseville a safer place for all.

The Roseville Police Department, along with Foothills K9 Association, extends a warm welcome to K9 Bordy. His addition is not just about bolstering the department’s ranks; it’s about enriching the community with a sense of shared responsibility and collective security.

We wish Officer Bonner and K9 Bordy a safe and successful tenure at Roseville PD. May their days be filled with triumphs and their bond be a beacon of the camaraderie that defines our town’s spirit. Here’s to the paws that uphold the law: Welcome, K9 Bordy!